The Different Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods

The type of carpet cleaning system you choose is all dependent on a number of factors for either your home or business premises. These may involve time, quality, local service availability and the efficiency of various methods.

For business professionals more busy than ever, they must also be confident that hiring a qualified carpet cleaning company will produce the results they want in the time frame they want. They may also look to develop a trustworthy partnership with a high-quality supplier of carpet cleaning to ensure that their needs are met on a regular basis.

All of this said, before selecting a company offering a particular method of cleaning, there are several important points to consider.

Companies generally offer one or more of five different types of cleaning services, and your preference will obviously depend on the variety available in your local area as well as the most appropriate methods for the carpets in your business premises or at home.

Perhaps the most wasteful way is to scrub a carpet with liquid detergents, including carpet shampoo. The qualified carpet cleaning service will use this process to add the detergents to your carpet and then agitate the surface with the help of a pump. After this, vacuuming extracts the shampoo and the debris that it has removed.

This approach can eave a carpet looking and smelling new, but does not provide the really deep clean of other methods, and may leave bacteria deeply ingrained in your carpet.

There is a technique called the bonnet approach that is typically only used in business premises, and in residential homes does not work well. This is mainly because it is also incapable of providing the deep cleaning needed by many homeowners, but it can significantly improve the look of industrial carpets. The bonnet process uses a chemical detergent.

Two common and very effective methods for professional carpet cleaning in the home and office are those of foam carpet cleaning and dry cleaning. The dry cleaning method is common because it uses a natural dry detergent that can be quickly vacuumed away from the carpet and sticks itself to bacteria and dirt.

The process of foam carpet cleaning is a combination of the dry cleaning system and the method of shampooing. This operates by using water and foam detergent which is used with the aid of a machine to work into the carpet. Once, once they have done their work and removed dirt and bacteria from the fabric, the foam and water are thoroughly vacuumed away.